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I'm Juliet Downes

C.E.O, Business Consultant & Innovation Coach at Busines Sense Consulting

I am a Business Consultant and Innovation Coach with more than 28 years of business and technology experience, working both with small businesses and large international organisations.

I am a versatile individual with experience in general management, sales and marketing, operations management, technology, project management, customer service, human resources, psychometric testing, and training, allowing me to provide insights into all aspects of your business.

I am a conceptual and strategic thinker. What does this mean to you? I can assess trends and opportunities to develop innovative strategies to make your business more competitive.

My superpower is SIMPLICITY. I can break your complex situation into manageable bites and develop solutions that best suit your unique way of doing things, easy for your team to follow. It’s like taking a breath of fresh air!

I must warn you, I am passionate about people, processes, and getting the job done right. I particularly enjoy forging collaboration among persons with diverging ideas and opinions. That’s where we find innovation.

Overall, I’m a fun person, who gets the job done. I don’t do stress and I’ll make sure you don’t either!

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All About Juliet & Business Sense Consulting Part 1

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