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Juliet Downes - Business Sense Consulting
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About me
Juliet Downes - Business Sense Consulting

Hey there...

I'm Juliet,

I am a Business Consultant with more than 28 years of business and technology experience, working both with small businesses and large international organisations.

I am a versatile individual with experience in general management, sales and marketing, operations management, technology, project management, customer service, human resources, psychometric testing, and training, allowing me to provide insights to all aspects of your business.

Your Roadmap to Success!

Is your business ready for the new change and transformation taking place in the world today? I am here to provide you with all the tools you need to reach your business goals during these times of uncertainty. I am excited to help you journey your way to digital transformation!

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Juliet Downes - Business Sense Consulting

Give me a call at 246-231-6887

Juliet Downes - Business Sense Consulting
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